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Teacher Recruitment Information

are you looking for a challenging and invigorating career at a small high school in an alternative setting?

Successful teachers at Calero High School share the following characteristics:
  • They love kids more than their subject matter.
  • They believe that all students can learn.
  • They want to work with capable students who have not found academic success.
  • They are equipped to work with students in an Advisory environment, serving as their mentor, counselor, and facilitator.
  • They look for opportunities to collaborate with colleagues.
  • They are committed to infusing Project Based Learning, authentic assessment, and 21st Century Skills into their curriculum.
  • They are excited by technology and how it can enhance teaching and learning.
  • They are comfortable with ambiguity and the process of creating something new.
  • They are positive role models for young people.
  • The understand that the only person they can change is themselves and therefore are committed to their own professional development.


If this is YOU, submit an application on EdJoin and contact Liz Gutierrez (principal) at