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Vita of Mr. Liu


Updated 1/12/2022

Fall 2016 School Picture of Mr. Liu

Born in Taiwan in 1970, I attended my early elementary school years there, learning to speak Mandarin at school and Taiwanese at home. In 1982, I came to the United States and attended Freedom Elementary School in Watsonville, California, where I learned spanglish. For middle and high school, I attended Monte Vista Christian School for a sink-or-swim English-only education.

I attended San José State University in 1989. I earned my Bachelor of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering in 1995 specializing in machine design. This led to a project engineer position for several years at SierraTherm Production Furnaces where I designed conveyor furnaces for the semiconductor industry. My infrared design was chosen by IBM Canada to help AMD produce the K7 microprocessors.

In 1998, I left engineering and joined my brother to start, an online entrepreneurial bakery business selling Cookie Greetings®. It was my registered trademark for the world's first shippable photo cookies. By 2003, some of my best employees were high school dropouts. I then took the advice of a 15-year-old to become a teacher...

By 2006, I retooled myself with a Master of Arts Degree in Teaching Mathematics from UC Santa Cruz. By 2009, I cleared my credential via the Real McCoy of BTSA, the New Teacher Project @ UCSC.

Over time, I was authorized with the complete set of teaching credentials for all high school math and sciences, plus Industrial and Technology Education. So, from 2006 to 2013 in chronological order, I received the following credentials from the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing: 1) Mathematics, 2) Calculus, 3) Physics, 4) Biological Sciences, 5) Geosciences, 6) Chemistry, & 7) Industrial and Technology Education.

I went back to San José State in 2014 for an Administrative Services Credential. By 2016, I earned my second master's degree--MA in Educational Leadership with a concentration in Administration and Supervision. My thesis was titled "Advocacy for Students At-Risk: Psychological Needs. An Ethnographic Study of CBUPO". I received the Certificate of Eligibility for Administrative Services Credential in 2017.

All of my teaching experiences came from alternative schools working with students at-risk of not graduating from high years at a charter school, one year at a community day school, and going on eight years here at Calero, a school of choice.

My goal in education is to become an expert in working with students who are at-risk of not graduating from high school.


- Mr. Liu