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How Is My Student Doing?

How Do I Find Out How My Student Is Doing In Their Classes?

Are you wondering how you can find out how your student is doing in their classes without having to wait for the progress reports/report cards that come in the mail? 

First, please remember that your student’s teacher is the person that is going to know why your student received a specific grade in a class.  That teacher should be the first person you contact to ask questions regarding a grade given, or concerns about your child’s schoolwork.

Here are some options for you to choose from.

  • Email:  All email addresses for staff members can be found on the front page of our Calero High School website.   Be sure to include your student’s full name, their Student ID, what class subject it is and which period your child has for the teacher you are emailing. Be clear with your questions, include a phone number and time you can be reached, or indicate that an email response is satisfactory.  Please allow some time for the teacher to respond (they might have to look into the matter before responding).
  • School Loop: Most teachers use School Loop.  School Loop allows you to see information on a daily basis such as attendance/tardies, homework assigned, upcoming quizzes/tests, due dates and current grade status for a specific class. You can even correspond via email directly with the teacher from School Loop.  To use School Loop, you need to login to your School Loop account.  Follow the directions to get connected. You will need your student’s ID#.

Please make sure the school has your current mailing address.  If you are not receiving the progress reports/report cards after every marking period, please contact our Registrar at 347-7612 and ask her to verify the mailing address that we have in our computer system for you.