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Athletics Locker


Calero High School students have two opportunities to participate in sports programs:

1.  Calero High School students may participate in their home school's after school sports programs if they fulfill the academic eligibility.  Contact your home school for schedule, eligibility and procedures.

2.  Calero High School is also involved in the South Bay Athletic League with three other small high schools.  The small school league plays co-ed volleyball, basketball, and softball during the school day as part of their curriculum.

  • See calendar on homepage for league schedule.

All forms must be completed and returned to Ms. Hillary.

Required Paperwork for all sports include:

1.  Code of Conduct

2.  Physical Exam Form 

3.  Waiver of Liability

4.  Prohibited Drugs Form

Academic Eligability:

The Calero High School student/athlete is held to a high standard.  Since all games are played during the school day and participation is part of the school's curriculum, students must earn the opportunity to participate.

  • Minimum GPA:  2.0 (NO F's)
  • Eligibility is determined by grading periods, not School Loop Grades
  • If you are ineligible, the coach can immediately remove you from the team

Behavior Expectations:

  • You must attend class the day of a contest
  • If you are suspended from class, you cannot participate for the duration of your suspension
  • All athletes are expected to be model students inside and outside the classroom
  • All SBAL rules will be followed
  • If caught under the influence or in possession of drugs, alcohol, or any other substance during the season, you will be immediately removed from the team for the remainder of the season
  • Other school-related infractions could also result in removal from the team or other disciplinary action.  These may include, but are not limited to, defiance, unsportsmanlike conduct, inappropriate comments on social media outlets (ex. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc.)

Student Accident Insurance / Health Insurance

The District has contracted with Pacific Educators, Inc. to provide information for student insurance.  The East Side Union High School District does not provide medical, accident or dental insurance for students injured on school premises or through school activities.  In accordance with Education Code Section 49472, the District is making available a low cost medical/dental accident insurance program.  We urge that serious consideration be given to these programs through Pacific Educators, Inc.

Parents may insure their child for School-Time or 24-hour-a-day Coverage Plans or optional Tackle Football Coverage.  Please call the number below or visit Pacific Educators Insurance Service website at for further information, assistance or online registration.

  • Student Insurance information - Letter to Parents (English / Spanish)

Contact information:
Pacific Educators
2808 E. Katella Ave., Suite 101
Orange, CA  92867 br>E-mail:
(800) 722-3365

Fall Sports: 9/12/19 - 11/7/19

Volleyball (Co-ed)  

Coach:  Ms. Pleasants

Information Meeting: Monday, August 20 at lunch in MPR.

Fall Try Out Information

Tryouts for Volleyball will take place on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, August 21, 22, and 23 during lunch.  All students wishing to tryout for volleyball must turn in all required paperwork no later than the end of the day on Wednesday, August 28, 2019.  Download and complete the attached documents on the left-hand column of this page in the Athletics' Locker.

See calendar on homepage for volleyball league schedule.

Winter sports:  12/12/19 - 2/14/20

Basketball (Co-ed)  

Coach:  Mr. Flores,

Assistant:  N/A

Information Meetings: Signups are on Wednesday,  November 7th during lunch in MPR.  First team meeting on Friday, November 9, during lunch in MPR.  

Winter Try Out Information

Tryouts for Basketball will take place on W,Th, F, November 14, 15, 16. during lunch.  All students who wish to tryout for any sport must turn in all required paperwork to coach prior to tryouts.  You will not be allowed to tryout until all required paperwork is complete and turned in.  Download and complete the attached documents on the left-hand column of this page in the Athletics Locker.

Practice Dates:  

November 19, 26, 30, AND December 4, during Advisory.  Athletes are to check in with their Advisory teacher first!

Spring Sports 3/1/20 - 5/9/20

Softball (Co-ed)

Coach:  Mr. Eiman


Information Meeting: Wednesday, Feb 26, during lunch in Mr. Eiman's room, B-100

Spring Try Out Information:

Tryout Dates: Thursday, Feb 27, during lunch and Friday, February 28, 2020, during 6th period at the softball field.  

You will not be allowed to tryout until all required paperwork is complete and turned in.  Download and complete the attached documents on the left-hand column of this page in the Athletics Locker.

See calendar on homepage for league schedule.

All tryouts will be held on Calero's softball fields. Students must be dressed appropriately and be wearing tennis shoes or cleats (no metal spikes) to tryout.